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Managed Cloud & Network Security

Managed Cloud & Network Security


Fully managed cloud & network security by 3Sixty IT Services

Network security whether it is on-premise on in the cloud can be somewhat difficult to manage, especially in environments that are constantly changing. Therefore having a dedicated team in the form of a managed service is key to ensuring security policies are applied whilst facilitating the business direction.

We have partnered with Check Point to bring the latest in On-premise and Cloud Network Security. Check Point are at the heart of our network security managed services.

Having us manage your Cyber Security landscape means you will always have the Cyber Security coverage and in adherence with your security policies.


With our managed service you will gain the following benefits:

  • Always running the latest Software
  • Expertise in Network & Cloud security
  • Reporting functions
  • Reduced Un-planned Outage
  • Lower TCO

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