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Firewall Optimisation Services

Firewall Optimisation Services


Already have a Check Point Firewall? Optimise it NOW

If a Security Gateways (Firewalls) has been installed for a while, the management of the rule base tends to exponentially grow over the years due to the addition of new services/servers into the new network.

However optimisation of the security gateway and it’s rule base very rarely happens and instead new services keep getting added without the legacy/decommissioned items staying in the rule base.

This not only poses a security risk to the organisation but can also have performance impacts on the gateway and efficiency is somewhat reduced.


Our firewall optimisation service will allow your existing investment to be fully optimised to gain the following benefits:

  • Easier Management
  • Cleaner Rule base
  • Removal of un-used objects
  • Quicker Policy Installations
  • More efficient traffic processing

Want to optimise your current Check Point firewall? Get in touch.