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E-Mail Security & Compliance

E-Mail Security & Compliance


E-Mail Security with 3Sixty IT Services

Regardless of whether your e-mail is hosted on-premise or on the Cloud it is absolutely paramount that the e-mail system is protected.

E-Mail is becoming one of the most exploited attack vectors in today’s modern world. A selection of threats posed by E-mail can include:

  • Phishing
  • Spear Phishing
  • Impersonation
  • Credential Guessing
  • Attachments containing Malware

Having systems in place to protect against these vectors is of upmost importance. Every single business that operates today relies on some form of e-mail communication with clients, partners and suppliers.


Our selection of specifically picked systems will address all the needs of any business wanting to enhance the security of their E-Mail platform. Our E-Mail security & Compliance systems will provide protections that will:

  • Prevent Impersonation Attempts
  • Remove Malicious & Active Content from incoming e-mail attachments
  • Allow the Encryption of E-Mails
  • Prevent the Loss of Data
  • Apply Advanced Threat Prevention capabilities to any e-mail received
  • Prevent Account Takeovers when using SaaS Applications

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