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SMB Cyber Security

SMB Cyber Security


Protecting your SMB/SME Business with 3Sixty IT Services

Cyber Security is still being delayed by Small to Medium sized businesses as the general thinking behind Cyber Attacks is that they are normally targeted. This leads small businesses to think that nobody is going to target them, simply for the fact that if it was going to happen it would have already.

Whilst targeted attacks could happen, for the SMB it’s less likely than an enterprise sized organisation. However, the risk and damage factors are still there.

Small businesses’ employees could still be caught out by some threat vectors listed below:

  • Phishing E-Mail
  • SMS Phishing
  • Malware from Removable Storage
  • Credential Guessing
  • Man in the Middle Attacks

Our solutions for SMB’s cover a wide range of possible protections that would address the above scenarios. The bundles that we offer are extremely dynamic in the fact that we have solutions and bundles that would help businesses of any sizes and who operate in many ways.

  • Cloud E-Mail Protection
  • Web Filtering Protection
  • Small Office Network Security
  • Endpoint Protection

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