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Vulnerability & Patch Management

Vulnerability & Patch Management


Providing you with a fully managed Vulnerability & Patch Management service.

Vulnerability management is a tricky area to get right. The art of vulnerability management isn’t just ensuring that the relevant Windows patches are installed. Instead it is the overall management of risk that are as a result of patches and other configurations that need to be put in place.

We have partnered with Qualys to bring the latest technology around vulnerability and patch management to ensure that your infrastructure is as secure as possible without the headache of managing this yourself.

With our vulnerability management service, we will manage and work with you to remediate and reduce the attack surface area of devices closest to the end users.

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Servers

All of which can be running a variety of operating systems and not just Microsoft Windows.

All the management settings are aligned with your business risk profile.

With the addition of our Patch Management service to Vulnerability Management, we will ensure that your devices are as secure as can be in line with the vulnerability management reports that will be generated.

Want to embark on your vulnerability management journey? Get in touch.