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Web/DNS Filtering

Web/DNS Filtering


Total web protection from TitanHQ WebTitan

Protecting end users from internet-based threats can be a cat and mouse game, as threat actors are constantly changing the ways in which they deliver malware. This becomes especially more difficult when you have mobile users that are constantly travelling or more complex environments like the ones that run Citrix.

We have partnered with TitanHQ to protect both your on-premise users and also roaming users. The platform is fully resilient and capable of stopping many different attack vectors.

The solution works by stopping the attack before a client has the chance to talk to a malicious server or endpoint on the internet that is under the control of the hacker.

By stopping the attack at the DNS query level this prevents a client from communicating with potential botnet command and control servers.


With the use of a Roaming Agent we can be sure that even mobile users are protected when their machines are taken away from the office, whether that be working from home, other client sites or cafe’s for meetings.

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