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Compute & Virtualisation

Compute & Virtualisation


Compute & Virtualisation platforms with 3Sixty IT Services

Compute Platforms

Compute platforms are ultimately the foundation of virtualisation platforms. Compute nodes are the physical servers that are installed in the racks in your computer rooms and data centres.

Choosing the right server hardware for your business is paramount to the reliability of any platform that is built on top of.

That is why we have partnered with Lenovo to provide highly reliable server hardware to run your mission critical workloads.


Virtualisation has long been the core of compute platforms, using virtualisation drastically reduces the spend on physical hardware due to advance hardware features that allow many virtual machines to share the underlying resources in the physical server.

We have partnered both with VMware, Microsoft & StorMagic to bring you the required elements to consolidate your servers and applications to reduce overall operational costs.

In addition to the above you will leverage the following benefits as part of our virtualisation services:

  • Latest Virtualisation Technology
  • Lower TCO
  • Improve resource utilisation
  • Increased Security

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