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Wired & Wireless Networking

Wired & Wireless Networking


Core Network Infrastructure with Extreme Networks

It is often underestimated the value of the underlying network infrastructure. Ultimately the network is the foundation of any business, whether they are a small business, medium or enterprise or data centre environment. All businesses need some form of network connection to allow their business to connect to the internet, other sites and customers.

Ever hear of phrases like:

  • The network is down?
  • The network is slow?
  • The Wireless isn’t working?

A lot of the causes of these is down deep in the network. It could be as simply as aging network hardware that isn’t able to cope with the demands of today.

3Sixty IT Services has partnered with Extreme Networks to bring the very best in network and wireless technologies that are built to last.

Wired Networking

Wired networking is the art of connecting devices to the network via Ethernet cables. Wired networks are generally the backbone of major business especially in environments like Service Providers and Enterprise Data Centres.


Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi access has soon become one of the most critical areas of networking due to the sudden uptake of mobile devices and strategies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

An issue with the wireless system is by far noticed quicker than any other networking fault (except site outages).

A lot of issues are misdiagnosed as actual faults when actually it is a deployment/capacity issue.

We deploy wireless networks with various factors in mind right from the planning phase. This ensures a smooth delivery as well as long term growth in mind. Extreme Networks provides some of the most advanced wireless management solutions available making the monitoring and management of any Extreme Networks wireless system much less cumbersome than most other wireless vendors.

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